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Rotary discharge valve (closed fan)

Solution Category


Automatic unpacking and feeding solution

Non-standard material conveying system solution

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Conveying ingredient packaging system

Dense phase transport (high pressure system)

Dilute phase transport (low pressure system)

Pneumatic conveying system


Rotary discharge valve (closed fan)


Product description

Rotary discharge valve is commonly known as impeller feeder, star feeder, gas locker, rotary feeder, shut-off fan, etc. It is composed of rotor, shell, seal and motor, reducer, etc. with several blades. composition. When the rotor rotates in the cylindrical casing, the material falling from the upper hopper by its own weight is stuffed in the space between the blades, and is unloaded as the rotor rotates to the lower portion, thereby achieving uniform and continuous conveying of the material.

Rotary discharge valve is the key equipment in pneumatic conveying system. For positive pressure conveying system or negative pressure conveying system, the closing fan can feed the conveying pipe evenly and continuously. The closing fan is very suitable for positive and negative pressure pneumatic conveying system, pulse Dust removal equipment and precision feeding occasions. The closing fan has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, good gas lock, stable work, uniform blanking, light and energy saving, etc. It can play the role of feeding and locking the air flow, due to the low speed rotation of the rotor and the inner cavity of the rotor and the casing. The extremely small gap effectively prevents the reverse flow of the airflow, thereby ensuring the stability of the air pressure in the system and the normal discharge of the material.

Depending on the characteristics of the material, its use and the conditions of use, rotary valves are available in a variety of configurations. The choice of the rotary valve depends on the characteristics of the material being transported, such as particle size, adhesion, temperature, humidity, etc.


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