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Standard bag open (reverse) bag station

Solution Category


Automatic unpacking and feeding solution

Non-standard material conveying system solution

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Conveying ingredient packaging system

Dense phase transport (high pressure system)

Dilute phase transport (low pressure system)

Pneumatic conveying system


Standard bag open (reverse) bag station


Product description

The device is a combination of artificial dump bins (upper and lower pneumatic doors), built-in dust collector, blanking cone, fan and electrical system.


Principle description

The dust-removing filter type operation console can realize the dust-free overflow during the manual feeding process, and the unpacked material enters the cone inside the feeding table, and the overflowing dust is adsorbed by the powerful negative pressure airflow during the overflow process, and then the filter element is filtered. Blocked, clean gas is discharged through the inside of the filter core through the fan; the system will cause the increase of the filtration resistance due to the adsorption of the filter element during the working process. Therefore, it is necessary to use the high-flow pulse injection pressure to periodically inject the filter element to reduce the filter element. Or remove the material adsorbed by the surface, so that the running resistance of the fan is kept within the allowable range.

The material in the cone of the bag opening station is transported to the downstream device through a negative pressure or positive pressure conveying system, and the dust-free operation and operation can be realized in the field.



The equipment is flexible in configuration and can be customized according to the requirements of the site.

The custom dust collector can filter up to 20,000 mesh ultrafine powder.

The overall maintenance of the equipment is simple and convenient, and the filter element can be customized according to the material characteristics.

It is possible to design a feeding station of 25-50k9 size.

The larger size can be a 500-1000k9 ton bag feeding station.

When there are a variety of packaging bags, it can be designed as a large-sized and small-bag dual-purpose feeding station of 25_50_1000k9.

It can be combined with the vertebral body and can be directly mounted on the user's silo end cover without cones.

The sealed door at the feeding port of the pouch and the big bag can be flexibly switched, and only one place is opened at all times to ensure the dust removal effect to the utmost extent.

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