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Tons of bags open (reverse) bag station

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Automatic unpacking and feeding solution

Non-standard material conveying system solution

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Conveying ingredient packaging system

Dense phase transport (high pressure system)

Dilute phase transport (low pressure system)

Pneumatic conveying system


Tons of bags open (reverse) bag station


Product introduction

The ton bag unpacking machine is used to realize the unloading function of the bagged bulk materials, and is semi-automatic operation. The bag is lifted by the electric hoist. The bag rope of the bag is hung on the steel bracket. The hoist is manually operated to control the hoist to lift and walk. It runs along the running rail to the top of the discharge area, and the bag is placed on the bracket tray to make the bag. In the unloading position. Then manually open the discharge valve operation door, manually pull the discharge port of the bag into the system of the discharge valve, press the tie button, the discharge valve tightens the cylinder to lock the bag mouth, and then manually the large bag The discharge port is pulled down from the discharge position, and is placed outside the discharge pipe in the discharge box of the discharge port, and the pneumatic control switch of the pressure bag mechanism is pressed to lower the sealing flange and press the pipe end of the discharge pipe. Seal the discharge channel to prevent dust leakage during the unloading process, then manually unpack the bag, and finally, close the operation door. Manually open the valve on the ventilation dust removal pipe connected to the discharge port seal box. At this point, the unloading preparation process ends.



1) The bag opening station has a simple structure and is easy to operate;

2) The flapping mechanism breaks the agglomeration during the opening process to ensure the smooth progress of the next step;

3) Improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity;

4) Equipped with dust removal interface, dust removal device can avoid dust flying, improve working environment and reduce production cost;

5) Open the bag and beat, compact structure and convenient operation;

6) It can be directly connected with equipment such as hopper and reaction kettle;

7) Pneumatic or electric control mode can be provided for remote monitoring;

8) Applicable working conditions: large materials and common materials and large bags of materials with poor fluidity, easy moisture absorption and agglomerated materials.

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