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Automatic unpacking and feeding solution

Non-standard material conveying system solution

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Conveying ingredient packaging system

Dense phase transport (high pressure system)

Dilute phase transport (low pressure system)

Pneumatic conveying system


Automatic unpacking machine


Product description:

The automatic unpacking machine is not only suitable for ordinary materials, but also suitable for toxic, flammable and strong corrosion, high dust and difficult to contact with people. It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical and other production fields, and can be used for any material bag. (Dry powder, granular materials, powder mixture, sheet material, etc.) for automatic unpacking and unloading operations.

The automatic unpacking system is specially used for the automatic unpacking operation of the bag bag powder bag.

System components: automatic unpacking machine, robot demolition machine, belt conveyor, blocker, bag press, dust collector.


Automatic unpacking machine performance parameters:

Designing ability 450Package/hour
Line speed 10m/min
Material SUS304+Q235A
Packet size 800×600×250(according to process adjustment)
Blade motor power 0.25kw
Chain conveyor motor power 2.2kw
Size (L × W × H) 2000×900×1500


Site case:


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