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Dense phase transport (high pressure system)

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Non-standard material conveying system solution

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

Whole plant transportation process design and regulation

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Dense phase transport (high pressure system)

Dilute phase transport (low pressure system)

Pneumatic conveying system


Dense phase transport (high pressure system)


Dense phase transport, also known as transfer tank or tank pump delivery, uses a gas pressure higher than 1kg/c2 and uses positive pressure to push the material through the transfer line, so it is often referred to as a high-pressure-low-speed system. The system has a high material-to-gas ratio. The initial speed of this system is about 2m/min, and the starting speed is about 20m/s at the end (except for full load). The pressure of the conveying line is generally 2-3kg/c2, and the pressure at the end of the system is Almost zero. The system uses an air compressor as a power source. Its remarkable feature is low conveying speed and little influence on material quality.

At present, the use of high-pressure dense phase system has been very extensive, and different conveying methods can be selected for different conveying materials, so as to maximize the performance and efficiency of its use, and reflect its economy.

There are two ways to send the tank: the tank (cylinder pump), the positive pressure dense phase conveying, and the sending tank combination, the full load mode. Each material of the user has certain speciality and pertinence. Our different conveying systems also have different operating performance and use characteristics. According to different requirements, we provide the best operation in accordance with the user's production process and material requirements. The solution and integrated system ensure that the user's materials can achieve the best delivery requirements and increase production efficiency.


Sending tank positive pressure dense phase conveying


Sending tank combination full load delivery

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