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Engineering case

Engineering case


Shanghai Lihuang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.


Automatic unpacking machine

1 Introduction

The automatic unpacking machine is suitable for bagging powder and granular material unpacking and unloading operations, and is widely used in chemical, plastic, sewage treatment, infrastructure and other industries. Automatically unpacking and unloading materials such as plastic additives, bagged cement and sewage treatment clarifiers, chemical raw materials and other dry powdery materials.

The unpacking machine is mainly composed of a tilting belt conveyor for feeding and a two-part part of the main machine. The main machine is composed of a machine base, a cutter box, a drum screen, a screw conveyor, a waste bag conveyor and a dust removal device.

The bagged powder and granule material is transported by a belt conveyor to a 45-degree angle slide and slides down the slide plate by gravity. During the sliding process, the package is cut by a rapidly rotating blade, and the cut bag and material are slipped in. The trommel screen is sieved. The material falling from the drum screen is output by the screw conveyor, and the damaged packaging bag, impurities and agglomerated materials are taken out of the body by the drum screen. The dust caused by the knife breaking bag is captured by the bag filter and shaken into the screw conveyor (the material output by the screw conveyor can be conveyed to the material storage tank by a pipe chain conveyor or a pneumatic conveying device).


2. Automatic unpacking machine features

1) Simple structure and convenient operation;

2) The unpacking speed is fast;

3) High degree of automation;

4) Realizing the integration of loading, breaking bags and bag removal, saving labor, thus saving costs;

5) It can avoid dust pollution and improve the working environment;


3, automatic unpacking machine use

1. The manual or robot puts the standard bag on the belt conveyor to start feeding;

2. The bagged material is introduced into the automatic unpacking machine via the electric drum;

3. The standard bag is in the automatic unpacking machine. After the cutter, the roller screen, the screw conveyor and the waste bag conveyor, the material is transported by the screw conveyor, and the waste bag is output from the waste bag conveyor.



1) Applicable to snakeskin bags, preparation bags, kraft paper bags, etc.;

2) There is no requirement for the size of the bag, and the automatic unpacking machine can be customized according to customer requirements;

3) The weight of the material shall not exceed 100 kg;

4) Breaking capacity: 400-600 bags per hour;

5) The residue is small, only about 0.1%.

4, automatic unpacking machine for the field

Automatic unpacking machine is widely used in the fields of petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, dye, medicine, food, electronics, paper, building materials, electric power, environmental protection, metallurgy, etc. It can be used for any material bag (such as plastic and plastic additives, mixture, Sewage treatment clarifying agent, cement dry powder, granular material, powder mixture, sheet material) for automatic unpacking and unloading operations.

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