Pneumatic conveying, also known as pneumatic conveying, is the conveying method for most powder and granular materials. Generally, it can be divided into positive pressure dilute phase transportation, negative pressure dilute phase transportation and positive pressure dense phase transportation, which can be combined into various forms of material transportation according to the actual demand. No dust, no pollution, flexible layout, efficient transportation, fully meet the measurement, batching, screening, mixing and other processes, equipped with automatic control, not only improve product quality, but also reduce manual intervention, realize automatic production.

Positive pressure pneumatic conveying system of bin pump ( sending tank )

lt is mostly used for dense phase high pressure transportation, usually with longer transportation distance andlarger transportation capacity than low pressure transportation.
Technical characteristics:
1 ) lt can be divided into upper - lead bin pump, side-out bin pump and lower - lead bin pump;The transportationforms are various and the selectivity is strong.
2 ) The scaling pressure of the system is high,which is commonly used in inert gas closed-loop circulationconveying system.
3 ) Long service life and low system operation and maintenance cost.

Pneumatic conveying system
Pneumatic conveying system