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The series of screens are widely used in grading, dewatering, desliming and de-intermediation in building materials, chemical industry, electric power, transportation, ports and other industries.


How it works

The circular vibrating screen is a single-shaft block eccentric vibration exciter, driven by a single motor. The vibration of the sieve machine is generated by the centrifugal force generated by the eccentric block. The vibration trajectory is at an acute angle between the long axis of the ellipse at the feed end and the screen surface, and the feed end is an obtuse angle, so that the output layer is not too thin and the feed end layer is not too thick, which is similar to the screening effect of equal thickness.

The linear vibrating screen is double-shaft eccentric block eccentric, driven by double motors, and the motors are self-synchronizing. The vibration of the screen is generated by the eccentric force.

The amplitude adjustment is achieved by increasing or decreasing the number of counterweights.

The three-jaw flexible disk connected between the intermediate drive shaft and the exciter is made of rubber plate, which has the advantages of large cutting torque and good flexibility.


Transmission system

The round screen is directly driven by the motor or the vibration exciter is driven by the triangle belt.

The linear screen is directly driven by the motor to drive the exciter, and both are connected by a petal-shaped flexible coupling.

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