Pipe chain conveyor

Pipe chain conveyor

It is a powder conveyor that is a continuous conveying equipment for conveying powder, small particles, and small pieces of loose materials. It can be combined horizontally, obliquely, and vertically. Used for the transportation of various powders, small particles, small balls, and fragile materials in fine chemicals, pesticide ores, building materials, and food industries.



Product Features

1) It can achieve the transportation and measurement of materials.

2) Compact structure and small footprint.

3) Closed transportation throughout the entire process is beneficial for environmental protection.

4) The conveying distance is relatively long.

5) There is no relative movement between materials, and there is little damage during transportation.

6) Scraper cleaning device.

7) Unloading turnover valve.

8) Cleaning device.



FBC/TCC Technical parameters of pipe chain conveyor
Model specifications Pipe diameter(mm) Linear velocity(m/min)   Conveying capacity(m³/h) Conveying distance(m) Power(kw)
Small-scale FBC/TCC100 108×3/4 20~30 1~3 6~30 3~4
FBC/TCC125 133×3/4 20~30 2~5 6~35 3~5.5
Medium to large scale FBC/TCC150 159×3/4 20~30 4~8 6~40 3~7.5
FBC/TCC200 219×4/5 20~30 8~16 6~50 5.5~11
FBC/TCC250 273×4/5 20~30 10~26 6~60 7.5~15
FBC/TCC300 325×4/5 20~30 20~40 6~70 11~22


Pipe chain accessories

Serial Number Device Name Equipment Appearance Remarks
1 Pipeline chain plate ☆16MN chain, 304 chain ☆ plastic alloy chain plate, wear-resistant ☆ self-locking bolt
2 Motor box ☆ Variable frequency speed regulation ☆ Guomao (equivalent brand) F-series motor reducer ☆ Stable and noiseless operation
3 Tensioning box

☆ Including tension spring device ☆ Including sprocket ☆ Installing proximity switch internally to protect the chain in abnormal situations ☆ Chain wheel tensioning device

Patent number:201620644140.7  

4 Corner box ☆ Bearing with seat, easy to disassemble ☆ Arc design, less residue ☆ Variable diameter design for inlet and outlet, protecting plastic chain plates
5 Sprocket

☆ Integrated pouring ☆ High strength ☆ Beautiful appearance ☆ Chain wheel

Patent number:201620643198.X

Physical Case

Pipe chain conveyor

Pipe chain conveyor

Pipe chain conveyor

Pipe chain conveyor

Z-type Pipe chain conveyor

Z-type Pipe chain conveyor