Weighing and dosage systems

Weighing and dosage systems

The automatic weighing control system integrates control technology, weighing and measurement technology, sensor technology, and computer application technology. It has the advantages of digital display of weight values, high control accuracy, and convenient data transmission. It adopts a universal control method with strong compatibility. Universal data interfaces, such as RS485 or Ethernet, can be connected to a local area network and achieve integrated control. It has been widely used in chemical, building materials, feed, metallurgy In various industries such as food.

Used for weighing and measuring individual materials or for quantitative batching of multiple materials.



System characteristics

1. High precision and reliability

2. Professional material handling ability

3. Friendly human-machine interface

Ferguson's company's weighing control system dynamically reflects the working status and parameters of feeding, storage, batching, and related equipment based on the actual process of the process, forming two major systems: "distributed control" or "centralized control", greatly increasing the reliability of the system. Provide various equipment including storage, transportation, weighing and batching of raw materials, dust removal, material mixing, weighing and packaging, involving various materials such as powder, solid bulk, and liquid.



system description

The weighing and batching system can reasonably select weighing methods such as increment method, reduction method, and weight loss method based on production process requirements and specific material characteristics to complete batch batching or continuous uninterrupted feeding. It is equipped with multiple working modes such as single bucket single material, single bucket multiple materials, multiple bucket multiple materials, and their combinations.

1. Implement the functions of manual operation and automatic control of ingredients;

2. Dynamic simulation of the production process, capable of displaying real-time working status, target weight, actual weight, and error values of each material;

3. Pre set storage formulas, which can be called, modified, deleted, and queried at any time;

4. Historical records of each batch of ingredient data can be saved, and shift, daily, monthly, and annual report statistics, queries, and printing can be carried out on production and material consumption at any time;

5. During the batching process, there is an automatic alarm for material shortage, and the warehouse number containing the same material can be manually replaced online;

6. It has functions such as operator permission management, on-site management, and networked remote services;

7. The imported industrial computer (IPC) is used as the upper computer monitoring system, accompanied by Kingview6.51 monitoring configuration software, to ensure the stability, reliability, and long-term performance of the system.

8. The entire system is in human-machine dialogue mode, which is easy to operate and maintain;

9. Using a frequency converter to control cutting can improve the accuracy of ingredients, thereby improving the quality and stability of the product.

Once the enterprise adopts an automatic weighing and batching system. Significantly reducing labor, reducing labor intensity, ensuring production reliability and safety, reducing production costs, reducing environmental pollution, and improving product quality and economic benefits.



Industry Classification Common Materials
Petrochemical, Plastic PP (polypropylene)/PE LLDPE LDPE HDPE (polyethylene)/PC (polycarbonate)/PVC (polyvinyl chloride)/PS (polystyrene)/PA (polyamide)/PET (polyester)/ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer)/PTA/CTA (terephthalic acid)/EVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate)/MELAMINA (melamine)
Chemical Industry Calcium carbonate/sodium carbonate/sodium hydroxide/dolomite/titanium dioxide/barium sulfate/zinc oxide/starch/kaolin/talc/fatty acids/stabilizers (lead/zinc)/alumina/corundum/glass material/lime/sand/clay/dry clay/polyester/resin/solvent/kiln product/titanium dioxide powder
Rubber Industry Polymer/carbon black/silicon/deposited silicon/white filler/trace components/rubber compounds
Plastic Industry Petrochemical raw materials/fillers calcium carbonate, kaolin, chalk/stabilized artificial rubber lead, calcium, zinc, tin/processing aid pigments/titanium oxide/lubricants/plasticizers DOP, DIDP, ESO/plastic particles
Food/Pharmaceutical Industry Metric food/Rice noodles/flour/coarse flour/wheat bran/wheat flour/crystal sugar, rock sugar/milk powder/starch/malt/glucose/cocoa beans/coffee beans/peanuts/black beans/vegetable oil, fat/citric acid/salt and additives
Power/Metallurgical Industry Fly ash/desulfurization ash/dust removal ash/slag/copper powder/iron powder/aluminum powder
Building Materials Industry Cement/sand/stone/fly ash


Physical Case

Weighing and dosage systems

Weighing and dosage systems

Weighing and dosage systems

Weighing and dosage systems

Weighing and dosage systems

Weighing and dosage systems